Rev. Rebecca Ragland

I am an Episcopal Priest in Eastern Missouri. I've worked in the church for about 10 years and for a church non-profit for two and a half.  I'm Rector of St Paul's Episcopal Church in the southern part of St Louis City called Carondelet. You can listen to a few of my sermons here.

One thing all of this leadership experience has taught me: church is a hodge podge of the good, the bad and the ugly.

This website is my effort to consider the often undiscussed aspects of dreaming church. I dream of something different in my worship and community life at church, but I'm not always sure what that is.  You?


What do you think about church?  Have you been? What worked? What didn't?  You are most welcome to comment, or send me your own post and photos, I'd be glad to consider them if they aren't just hateful.  I'd love to dream together - God's dream and ours.