Diving into the depths - of church

Near Emminence, Missouri there is a place called Blue Spring. There, 90 million gallons of clear water gush from the depths every day. The water is so mineral rich and yet so clear that the surface sheens a royal blue.  For those who visit, it's this surface that is most often admired.


Church is like that too.  Drive by any Christian community and what you mostly observe is the flat facade. Sometimes the building is beautiful, other times not.

Inside that building, (at least on Sundays), people gather to share in God's dream. They try to reach into the heart a greater power or to at least understand their own. Each church has it's own history, practice and prayers. So does each person.  But so often, even if we're seeking that spiritual place, it's hard to connect with how church does their dreaming.

There is a season when Blue Spring becomes clearly articulated -- even into the depths. In high summer, when the sun angles just right, the light plunges down into the cave. The textures of the cave wall, the fish and water plants, even the currents are visible. Dropping a stone into the water, the descent is long and dancing before the rock rests in the depths. It's the light that illuminates the deep water so we can see.

blue spring missouri

What if we could be partners in shining the light down into the depths and complexity of what it means to be church?  Reflect on things like:

  • How is your God like my God?
  • Community is changing from Mall culture to social media
  • What to keep and what to lose; who decides
  • Does appropriation affect spirituality?
  • What words should we use to pray and how?
  • Is God a man?  What about Jesus?
  • What can we learn from the worship of others?
  • What is God's dream for the church?
Cenote divers

Join me as we explore these topics. Comment and add your thoughts.  Let's dive in to the depths and explore the fullness of dreaming church now!